Thinking Ahead

Maintaining your heating and cooling mechanical systems will assure dependable operation through the summer and winter months. A little foresight and service will go a long way toward carefree and comfortable living and extending the life of your systems.

Evaporative Coolers

As Spring approaches, get ready for Summer

Don't wait until until the last minute to clean and service your swamp cooler. A well maintained cooler will push cool, fresh air throughout your home all summer and make Santa Fe summers truly comfortable. Let us service your evaporative cooler before the heat wave hits us to make sure your motor, pads and pumps are working quietly and properly so when you need the cooler, you can just hit the switch. We will never try to sell you service or parts you don't need.

Winter Plumbing Problems

When the snow falls, be prepared for Winter

We specialize in optimizing heating boilers. Your radiant heat should be responsive and quiet. Over time valves and other parts can wear out and you can loose efficiency. Keeping things in optimal condition will assure a no-hassle, warm winter and save you money on fuel. We will never ask you to change out parts you don't need. We are a company that knows these systems well and knows how to keep them running efficiently.

Testimonials - Ess Plumbing

My heat failed on a cold winter day and I was lucky enough to be referred to Joe Annon. He was out there immediately and was able to rejuvenate my old boiler system. It has never worked better and is quieter than ever. Many thanks, Joe.

David G.
Commercial Photographer, Santa Fe
Energy Saving Systems Santa Fe

I have known Joe Annon, ESS LLC, for over 15 years. Joe has worked on all our plumbing needs at our home and at my rentals here in Santa Fe. His work is excellent. He is efficient and trustworthy. We often leave here to do the work without any worries. The best plumber I have had here in Santa Fe, NM.

Shelby, Santa Fe
Ess Plumbing Santa Fe

Joe Annon is a dream! I hesitate to recommend him, but only because we want him all to ourselves. Like all good plumbers nowadays, he's not just a plumber: He's part electrician, part technician, part IT guy, in addition to being an astute troubleshooter with a powerful sixth sense for finding the offending culprit. Joe can do it all, and what's more, he invariably does it in a spirit of good cheer.

Hampton S., Santa Fe
Plumber in Santa Fe

Typical of northern New Mexico homes, ours has a hodgepodge of heating systems, each put in in a different era—from water baseboard heat (circa 1977) to radiant fueled by a propane boiler to radiant heating fueled by a roof covered in solar panels which Joe installed 10 years ago....over the last decade, Joe Annon has completely endeared himself, first with his affable personality, then by saving us from frozen pipes and cold showers, puzzling out hidden leaks and suggesting tweaks to help conserve energy.

Anne G., Santa Fe